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Family-friendly farm

Holidays with children on the Weberhof

... lucky children ... relaxed parents
Vacation with children on the farm is surely something unforgettable and full of adventures.
The curious ones can explore the farm through games or even just by walking around and looking for new things they've never seen before.

The animals on the farm might be the very highlight for the children.
Often their favorite activity is to feed, pet or even just observe the smaller or bigger animals.

… Animally good adventures on the Weberhof ...

  • helping with feeding the animals
  • collecting eggs from the nest
  • taking care of the ducks
  • cleaning the cowshed
  • petting the cats
  • visiting the animals on the meadow
  • observing the mothercow while feeding the calf
  • maybe even being present when a cow calves?
The Weberhof is a little paradise for children.
You can find a little witch-house, a tepee and a knight's castle. There the children can enjoy the nature, play their games and get creative and curious.

… Never ending fun …

  • climbing the clamber-tree
  • playing in the sandbox
  • driving around with the three wheeler and the little tractor
  • playing ping-pong or basket
  • swinging
  • trying the slackline
  • dreaming in the hammock or reading a book
  • becoming a knight in the knight's castle for one day
There is always something to do on the Weberhof. Simply experience the everyday live of a farmer, that`s what avaits our guests.
Enjoy relaxing but also adventurous holidays with the whole family on the Weberhof!
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